More Real Than Real: Dealing with Anxiety

We will never figure out everything we think we ought to know, nor should we never stop trying. This is the quest. This is the journey, and if you are on the treacherous path of growth, then it will be an anxious one. “Anxiety is the price of the ticket of life; intra-psychic depression is the byproduct of a refusal to climb aboard.” (Hollis)

Duality and Wonder

Wonder is the psychic playground of children, a place fruitful with magic, miracles, and the impossible. Dragons can fly there, and so can we. Fantasy flourishes there, the bread and jam of our dreams and daydreams. God is huge with wonder, infinitely resourceful and with unlimited creative power, unrestrained by a book or any of man’s creations or ideas.

People from the Future

The Buddha once said, “I am not the moon. I am just a finger pointing to the moon.” There is deep wisdom in that. We ought not to get distracted by the finger, what color it is, if its nails are painted, if it holds a reefer, or if its skin is mottled with age spots. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, and the shared vision of where we want to be in 1000 years. That’s perspective. Then let us set an achievable pace for getting there.

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