Look between the cold pillars of concrete holding up the earth and you'll find me flowering there

About Brant

A nomadic upbringing whisked me through 13 schools in nine years, from the dusty deserts of Arizona to the snowy villages of Germany, with back road trips through 23 countries around Europe and the Mediterranean. That all happened before I even started high school! Those childhood experiences bred in me a deep love for travel, cultural diversity, and new ideas, which I nurture to this day.

Fellow musicians will appreciate the B&W picture of me from the 70’s — you’ll recognize the vintage gear! Music is a big part of my life, and I still play whenever I have the opportunity. While over the past ten years I have minimized my material belongings to almost nothing, I still hang on to my guitars. Those stay.

It’s hard to believe the long haired fellow you see with the guitar, who is still alive in my soul, came to Jesus, earned an engineering degree in the US, spent 17 years with IBM, got married, had three kids, ran triathlons, and settled down in suburbia with a beige minivan. But it’s all true. At the close of that 30 year stretch of my journey, I had learned a lot, but there was a bold new chapter waiting for me.

A business failure, unexpected divorce, and an inquisitive spirit led me to expand beyond the confines of my christian faith (as I had been taught it), a step that terrified me at the time, but that gave me long overdue permission to embark on a spiritual journey beautiful for what it doesn’t tell you — for what it doesn’t try to answer — but rather one that frees me to steep in the grand wonder of a great mystery. I still ponder that mystery today. No boxes, no boundaries, no absolute truth — just a heart and mind open to love and adventure.

Now I am a writer, traveler, father and grandfather, and still active (more yoga, some cycling, no triathlons). I attempt things that scare me so that I can expand the boundaries of my comfort zone. Travel is an excellent way to do that, and below you’ll find pictures of my recent trips to Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Italy, the American southwest, and Maine (I have kin there).

By night I work this podcast, and by day I am a software entrepreneur, which means I fail often, win sometimes, meet a lot of amazing people, and have a grand time steering my cosmic riverboat upriver. I’m glad YOU came onboard for a spell! 

It’s a great life!

My suspense / thriller novel:

Map of Dreams

When a PhD student uses advanced software to analyze dream journals, he discovers odd patterns that cannot be explained. Where one person’s dream ends, another’s begins, even though the two people are complete strangers. Strange objects appear and reappear from one dreamer to another…

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