“Discover Your Authentic Sexual Self” with kink positive therapist Galen Fous, Part One of Two

In this show, part one of two, I speak with Galen Fous, a 70 year old man, kink-positive therapist, author, educator and sex researcher. We talk about his journey of reclaiming his own sexual power, and in doing so finally feeling witnessed, seen, and loved. He developed a profound sense of trust and depth of intimacy he would have never experienced without some courageous personal honesty, something I’d like to think we all develop as we move into the second half of our lives.

“The Green New Deal (with a Touch of Gray)” with Mick Smyer, PhD, Founder of The Graying Green Project

Mick Smyer, PhD, is a Professor of psychology at Bucknell University and the Founder of The Graying Green Project promoting intergenerational dialogue on climate change. He also plays a badass washboard! Listen to the end of our talk on how the generations see climate change differently to hear him play a bit of the Black & Blue Blues, plus me opining on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal.

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