Caves Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash Below you will find a chapter from my book Blue Skyways. This chapter is especially important to me, as it attempts to explain how and why I left the faith of evangelical christianity after 30 years of devotion to Jesus Christ...

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A Dry Morsel of Bread

To muddle through. To find a way, despite daunting circumstances. To overcome terrifying obstacles, sometimes with nothing more than a dream. To find a shred of light in a sea of darkness. To hear the one true note of music in a cacophony of noise. To inspire when everyone around you is falling down. To make the most of what you have, putting one foot in front of the other, transforming the scraggly tree life has given you into something beautiful. To muddle through…somehow.

Duality and Wonder

Wonder is the psychic playground of children, a place fruitful with magic, miracles, and the impossible. Dragons can fly there, and so can we. Fantasy flourishes there, the bread and jam of our dreams and daydreams. God is huge with wonder, infinitely resourceful and with unlimited creative power, unrestrained by a book or any of man’s creations or ideas.

My Grandfather’s Typewriter

Some memories we keep, but others we must let go. The typewriter is not a prisoner of its past. It is not doomed to tell the same story over and over. It can write a new story at the hands of a skilled operator.

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