Introduction to The Lost Possum

Being male means more to me than just having a set of balls and a penis; it means being endowed with a powerful male essence and energy that naturally motivates men to take risks, penetrate through obstacles, and push toward our goals with purpose, drive, and mission. I like being male and I continually seek out ways to be a better one. This book is for anyone of any orientation who respects that vision.

Am I an Alcoholic?

Am I an Alcoholic? Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash Introduction: I’m worried about men. I believe many of the world’s woes, from gun violence to domestic abuse to climate change, have their root cause in men’s health, which is to say, not healthy. I want to see that...

ED the Extraterrestrial

If a man sees himself as valuable and worthy of a woman’s attention, he will show up in the world that way, and many women are attracted to a confident man. Even if you have to “fake it till you make it,” once you genuinely love who you are, it will naturally come out of your pores, and people notice.

Chapter One: The Phone Call

I would not have given dad or any of his things a second thought except for my conversation with the psychotherapist, but she provoked an interest. “What if dad really wasn’t who I thought he was?” I wondered. “What if he cared for me in ways he couldn’t express? What if there really is a part of the man my mom and I don’t know?”

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