Caves Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash Below you will find a chapter from my book Blue Skyways. This chapter is especially important to me, as it attempts to explain how and why I left the faith of evangelical christianity after 30 years of devotion to Jesus Christ...

Duality and Wonder

Wonder is the psychic playground of children, a place fruitful with magic, miracles, and the impossible. Dragons can fly there, and so can we. Fantasy flourishes there, the bread and jam of our dreams and daydreams. God is huge with wonder, infinitely resourceful and with unlimited creative power, unrestrained by a book or any of man’s creations or ideas.

A Case for Suicide

Like many of you, I felt sucker-punched by Bourdain’s decision, and I am struggling to make sense of it…to find an emotional shelf to put it on. I do that by wrestling the issue to the ground, a messy process, sometime capturing my work-in-progress thoughts with you, as incomplete as they are.

The Brushstrokes of Our Lives

Little things that make big things. Brush strokes, that make paintings, that have something to teach us.

The Third Step of Krishna and the 4% Universe

The known universe…every star, every galaxy, every black hole, is just a marginal part of existence. The vast majority (96%) can be neither seen nor detected. Krishna’s “abode of the gods.” Are we there “now”?

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