"My little tea party with death taught me how to thrive in the second half of life."

podcast on elder care, aging, caregiving, death planning, travel, technology and independent living

And in the end?

What if you knew you only had six months left to live?

What changes would you make to your career, relationships, everyday choices?

Where would you like to travel? Who would you like to meet?

What peak life experiences do you envision enjoying but have yet to pursue?

What are your dreams?

Newly Published

No job. No house. No wife. A little money and 12 months of free airfare. One man answers his soul’s calling.

“Wide open and transparent…”

“The end of a marriage, the decline of his mother’s health and personal loneliness challenge his thoughts.”

“As he shares, he learns from others, learns about himself”

“A deep thinker, a funny sense of humor and a wild sense of adventure blend into crazy highs, lows and unexpected revelations.”

The Slightly Unhinged Author

Disputatious Scrivener | Mad Inventor | Social Provocateur | Paranoid Futurist | Death Podcaster | Romantic |

Look between the cold pillars of concrete holding up the earth and you’ll find me flowering there.

A fast paced, international thriller

Asking questions we only dare consider.

What if fundamental beliefs about the Bible could be proved wrong?

What if a lost book of the Bible were found and authenticated?

And what if that book challenged some of the sacred cows of the Christian right? How would they respond?

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How Did An American Guy in his 60's Land in Turkey?

I am often asked that question, and the story is told here.

It begins on the careening decks of a ship caught in heavy seas somewhere off the coast of Cyprus. The year is 1967.

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