Hi! My name is Brant Huddleston, born 1956, host of this podcast and blog for active, older adults who want to thrive well into and even past their sunset years. Thriving in the second half of life means living better, staying healthy, having more fun, enjoying peak life experiences, and discovering meaning and purpose.

As a boomer, I am chin-deep in all the issues that affect my generation ~ staying healthy so I can travel, caregiving an elder parent, being there for kids and grandkids, deciding future care preferences, and how to pay for it all.

On each show, I interview an expert who shares best practices, tools, tips, and technologies for how to make the rest of our years the best of our years. We even learn about end-of-life and the afterlife…subjects many are afraid to talk about.

Often practical, sometimes thoughtful, always upbeat and lively – it’s all here for free, for your benefit and enjoyment.

Wherever you are in your life journey, I’m here to help you keep on dancing well past sunset!

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Some of My Favorite Shows

“Three Near Death Experiences; One Abundant Life” with author Robert Kopecky

“Three Near Death Experiences; One Abundant Life” with author Robert Kopecky

Not one, not two, but three Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) taught author Robert Kopecky and thing or two (or three) about the afterlife, and more importantly, how to live in the present with abundant joy, humility, and presence. Learn about life after death, and how to experience heaven without really dying.

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