Iqbal e la Danza Magica

Trascorsi quella notte calda in uno stato di dormiveglia, l’Adhan dei miei sogni mi chiamava a venire, inchinarmi e inginocchiarmi in una moschea fatta non da mani umane, ma foggiata dalla materia della fantasia, dalla mia coscienza mistica, ricordi distorti come riflessi in uno specchio deformante e terrori della tana del drago. Venni trascinato via come Aladino sul suo tappeto magico, nella notte stellata nera come l’inchiostro, in luoghi sconosciuti, fino a quando la mattina seguente giunse la salvezza dell’alba, i primi raggi di sole illuminavano la mia finestra e il ronzio del richiamo del Moadhin attraverso l’altoparlante, “Venite alla preghiera. Venite alla preghiera.”
Un altro giorno a Marrakesh.

ED the Extraterrestrial

If a man sees himself as valuable and worthy of a woman’s attention, he will show up in the world that way, and many women are attracted to a confident man. Even if you have to “fake it till you make it,” once you genuinely love who you are, it will naturally come out of your pores, and people notice.


Caves Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash Below you will find a chapter from my book Blue Skyways. This chapter is especially important to me, as it attempts to explain how and why I left the faith of evangelical christianity after 30 years of devotion to Jesus Christ...

The Transylvanian Tycoon

Marius and I bumped into each other in the house kitchen, where we popped open a bottle of red wine and began snacking on dates, almonds, cheese, crackers, and chocolate. “I was in the sixth grade,” Marius told me, grabbing a cracker, “and the teacher asked me why I was late for school. I gave a smart-aleck answer because I was drunk.”

Moondance & the Meat Eater

Travel inwardly and outwardly until you hear something, a distant and unfamiliar melody, sung in a foreign tongue around a strange fire. Break bread with those you find there, the “others.” Listen to their stories. Pay tribute to their gods and warriors. Honor their ancestors. Feel their hearts.

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