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As I promised in Part One of my interview with Sophie Benge, in this Part Two things get a bit racier as we dive into specific ways women can thrive through menopause, stay connected to their bodies, and wake up their sexual magnetism. While our talk is highly respectful, we do touch on topics that would not be suitable for young children, so some parental guidance is recommended, plus I do drop the occasional cuss word. 
My guest, Sophie Benge, an international journalist and consultant on beauty and wellness, with a focus on women. She is the author of several books on the healing power of natural resources, the human energy system, and ancient systems of medicine. She is the curator of retreats and workshops for women over 40 called Aging Gracefully, including one coming up in late November 2019.
If you want to feel better about yourself, if you want to know what the best options are for easing the symptoms of menopause, if you want more and better sex, then you will want to listen to this show, because Sophie lays it all out in detail, with no holds barred. To my male listeners, pay attention guys, This show is chock full of good information for you too, including an opportunity and the end that you won’t want to miss.


What you will learn from Sophie about menopause:

  • 75% of women will have symptoms
  • If and how menopause can be “treated?”
  • The two types of Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • The correlation with breast cancer
  • Busting the myth about HRT
  • What is “bio-identical” HRT?
  • How blood tests yield the right HRT cocktail
  • How Sophie got her life back when she started HRT
  • What we don’t know about hysterectomy
  • How doctors misdiagnose menopause as depression, empty nest syndrome
  • Doctors are not always knowledgeable, and will prescribe anti-depressants
  • How can men can respond when they feel caught like a “bunny in the headlights”
  • Menopause is a natural phase of life. It’s not a disease
  • Menopause is a change that women don’t have control of
  • Menopause can lead to relationship breakdown
  • Topical and suppository estrogen filled pessaries can help
  • How the frequency and character of sex changes during menopause (Hint: Women don’t organism as frequently)
  • Whatever philosophy you take in life, we are only responsible for ourselves
  • What happens to a lot of women is they become disconnected from their bodies
  • Society has evolved so women are trained to be like men, which cuts them off from their bodies
  • Sophie’s big journey are all the practices she does to reconnect with her body, which really means her sexual energy
  • A toy cabinet, a Disneyworld, of playful ways a woman can light up her sexual magnetism and embrace a heightened sense of body and sexual desire (Hint: there is more women can do beyond masturbation and self-pleasuring)
  • How women hold trauma in the tissues of their vagina
  • The yin of women, and the yang men, and ways woman are becoming more yang (fire and heat)
  • How women in urban and developed environments suffer more symptoms than those in rural and undeveloped
  • How does she reconcile the tension between the masculine and feminine pulls
  • How woman can recalibrate their power source
  • How women can be equally powerful to men while cultivating their divine feminine energy
  • What we can learn from ancient cultures, China, India, and tribal
  • We are on the cusp of the woman’s age (Kundalini thinking) and how that’s throwing things off-kilter
  • Why it’s important for women to listen to their own female power and discernment
  • Men: Listen, ask questions

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