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In part one of my interview with Danish photographer Klaus Bo, we learned how he got started with his dead and alive project, chronicling death rituals from Greenland, Haiti, Madagascar, Ghana, India, Indonesia and Nepal. You can see those pictures on his website
In this second and final part of my interview with Klaus, we talk about food. That’s right! When the living come together, even for a funeral, food is often and important part of that ritual, even if it’s just coffee and cake.
What you won’t hear is me and Klaus after the mics were turned off kicking around the idea of an Anthony Bourdain style  TV show involving food, culture, travel, and death rituals. Like the idea? Let us know by liking this podcast on iTunes or following me on Facebook. Your likes will tell producers there’s a market out there for a show like that.
But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy part two of my two part interview with Danish photographer Klaus Bo, on the Dance Past Sunset podcast.

What Klaus and I talk About:

  • The relationship between food and death
  • Cryers for hire
  • When grieving, cry all you can
  • Would you be buried in chicken casket?
  • Rituals are for the living
  • No embalming!
  • Looking at a dead person can be very calming
  • Kids and dead bodies
  • How has he been influenced by death?
  • Death does produce anxiety. But is that bad?
  • His next journeys
  • The biggest collection of death rituals in the world


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