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I first interviewed my friend Daniel Roberto Ortega a few years ago about his art, which he creates from a combination of natural hemp and the cremated remains of beloved pets and people. I suspected at the time that Daniel was stoned, and I made light of it in my introduction to that show.
Well, Daniel came clean with me recently and admitted that he was high, and that’s how I learned about his new non-profit venture called Cannabis for Seniors, which is an informational resource for all things hemp.
But why seniors? What should people in the second half of life know about this plant and its medical and euphoric effects? Daniel and I talk about that, plus the variety of ways to use cannabis, how it is helping veterans and others with pain and trauma, as well as some things to be careful of. It’s all here in this episode of the Dance, and you can rest easy, neither of us were stoned at the time, so the interview is chock full of useful information for anyone who has never tried cannabis or for those who tried years ago but might want to try again.
So please join me in welcoming artist, stoner, and host of the website Cannabis for Seniors, Daniel Roberto Ortega.

What you will learn about Cannabis for Seniors from Daniel:

  • Why we both use it
  • Different ways to use it
  • The difference between CBD and THC
  • How the euphoric experience connects us with our bodies
  • The similarity to the call from the divine feminine to the divine masculine
  • The best way to eat cannabis
  • Ways to avoid overdosing on cannabis
  • The unknown health hazards associated with vaping
  • The status of cannabis with the government
  • How cannabis is helping veterans
  • How the stupidity of prohibition contributes to the opioid crisis

Be sure to also check out Sophie Benge’s Aging Gracefully conference coming up this November, and my complimentary Go!Mobile Tours Youtube channel. 

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