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This show, part two of two, continues my conversation from part one with Galen Fous, a 70 year old man and kink-positive therapist, author, educator and sex researcher, talks about his journey of reclaiming his own sexual power as a dominant erotic sadist, and in doing so finally feeling witnessed, seen, and loved. He developed a profound sense of trust and depth of intimacy he would have never experienced without some courageous personal honesty, something I’d like to think we all develop as we move into the second half of our lives.

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In my last show I introduced Galen Fous, a 70 year old kink-positive therapist, author, educator and sex researcher who self-identifies as a heterosexual, dominant erotic sadist. In this show I continue my conversation with Galen, where he explains a bit more about his sexual identity, plus we talk about how to have good, healthy sex in the second half of life. I believe the F bomb is dropped at some point, but otherwise the conversation is mostly PG rated and best suited for adults interested in learning more about how to realize their sexually authentic selves.
I like how Galen broadens the conversation and takes it to a higher level, not so much about kink but rather the importance of being your honest self. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”
So please welcome Galen Fous for Part Two of my interview with him on discovering your authentic sexual self.

In this show Galen Fous and I discuss:

  • About what Galen calls Sexual Authenticity Disorder
  • Exploring the “erotic wilderness area”
  • Defining “kink”
  • How sex is friction. Eros is myth
  • Men are totally inadequate and clumsy lovers if they have not been educated
  • It’s the era of personal choice
  • The person with the least interest dominates how much sex goes on
  • Women also enjoy porn
  • Can polyamory work? What is sustainable?
  • To be honest is to be totally free
  • The burden of the sexual coverup
  • Sex while bungee jumping?
  • We all have a dimension of our sexuality that is reptilian and mammalian, revealed by gestures
  • How pain can be transmuted into erotic pleasure

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