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I am coming to you from the quaint town of Tavira, Portugal, part of my year long travel around the world and the subject of my third book “Blue Skyways.” I’ll tell you at the end of the show how you can access an exclusive copy of Blue Skyways, but for now, I want to talk about sex. Yes, this next show is another in my “sex in the second half” series, and not all the content is suitable for the kiddies, so please use discretion before playing this podcast over your elementary school’s PA system.

Now I’ll admit, I am as dumb as a bag of rocks on many of these issues, which is exactly why I’m curious to explore them. At 63 years old, I can feel my body changing, and that is affecting my sex life. Sound familiar? Furthermore, my ideas about relationships are shifting. Is traditional marriage still the right model for men and women who want to have sex, or is there something else? What about living together 24 by seven by 365? Might there be another approach that is not quite so…ahem…suffocating?

I talk about all this and more with my next guest Wendy Cobina DeMos, who is the founder of and Wendy and I met in her home city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where we huddled for this recording in her festival van on a rainy evening. Not only does Wendy have a wonderful vision for restoring the sacredness of sex, which you’ll hear about in this interview, she also is a talented musician. You can hear one of her songs playing in the background.

So please join me on the Dance you my conversation with Wendy Cobina DeMos of


What you will learn about the Sacred Sexual:

  • Wendy’s chants and chant music
  • What is Kundalini yoga? How is it different from other kinds of yoga?
  • The effects of the #metoo movement on how men and women are relating
  • How a conversation with a friend who said she was “done with sex” led her to start
  • Terri Daniel and The Afterlife Conference
  • Terri’s new book Grief and God: When Religion Does More Harm Than Healing 
  • Why Wendy uses a Yoni egg
  • The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin from Seattle
  • The different types of talks given at the festival
  • What kind of men attend the festivals, and how they behave
  • What other models for relationship are there that might be a better replacement for the traditional model of marriage?
  • Esther Perel and her Youtube channel
  • Polyamorous relationships. Do they thrive?
  • Kamala Devi and her show on TV
  • Wendy’s thoughts on the one night stand
  • Organic alternatives to Viagra

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