The Last White Rhino

While everyone watches, the men die a horrible death, spewing green foam from their mouths and plowing their sauce smeared jowls into plates of very expensive beans.


The documents are fake, but the science supporting the story is very real. Genetically engineering plants and animals are bred so they have a natural resistance to broad-spectrum toxins. They are in use everywhere around you.

Simon Says: A Short Story

I get my fair share of kooky emails from conspiracy crazies, neurotic nightcrawlers, and tormented trolls, but none so bizarre as the one I received the evening of June 14, 2021.

José Soliquez and the Gold Coin

Jose heard the soft call of the night bird, mournful and low. “It is a sign.” Jose thought, so he was not afraid when he opened the door.

José Soliquez ea moeda de ouro

Lá fora, José ouviu p canto suave do pássaro da noite, triste e baixa. “É um sinal.” José pensou, e ainda assim ele não estava com medo quando abriu a porta.

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