The documents are fake, but the science supporting the story is very real. Genetically engineering plants and animals are bred so they have a natural resistance to broad-spectrum toxins. They are in use everywhere around you.

Simon Says: A Short Story

I get my fair share of kooky emails from conspiracy crazies, neurotic nightcrawlers, and tormented trolls, but none so bizarre as the one I received the evening of June 14, 2021.

José Soliquez and the Gold Coin

Jose heard the soft call of the night bird, mournful and low. “It is a sign.” Jose thought, so he was not afraid when he opened the door.

Three Men and a Barbie Shoe

Three different men, with three different sufferings, and how a tiny Barbie shoe changed their souls.

The Tailgater

I lay restlessly in a shallow grave awaiting the Day of the Dead, when my soul will rise to join a tide of others seeking a warm brush with the land of the living ~ one embrace, one more wish for a good trip, one last kiss good-bye.

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