The latest book from author Brant Huddleston

This novel weaves together Jungian ideas about a collective conscious, an anti-utopian Christian eschatology, hidden secrets of the Bible, the rise of the new Roman Empire against which ISIS rails, and a perverted love story. I hope you like it.

For Christmas 2018, my brother, a pilot with American Airlines, gave me a gift that became the experience of a lifetime: 12 months of free travel anywhere American Airlines flies.

Thus began a year long journey that took me from the rocky coasts of Portugal, to the hot sands of Morocco, to the mangrove swamps of Panama, with many places beyond and between. In cheap hostels and the backwaters of the nomadic milieu, I discovered a treasure chest of colorful and fascinating people. I tell their stories and a bit of my own.

The trip became as much a spiritual and emotional journey inward as it was a literal outward one, and found me in a place those of you who are in the second half of life are likely to recognize.

With references to the philosophies of Carl Gustaf Jung, Jesus, Bob Dylan, and the Buddha, Blue Skyways is an international romp by a man in his 60’s with not much more than a pack on his back, and still much to learn.

“Themes of self-challenge, change, letting go, nonconformity, getting out of your shell. Take the leap”

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