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In Part One of my interview with David Dedrick from the Compleatly Beatles podcast, we talked about how death affected the lives and music of the Beatles. Well it’s been a long and winding road since then and now, but Part Two is here and it is a perfect example of how much fun two guys can have when talking about the great music of the 60’s and 70’s. Not only does David go into more detail about the Paul is Dead myth, but he also dives into stories about Hendrix, Dylan, the Byrds, and even Hey Hey We’re the Monkees. You’ll find it all here in Part Two of my interview with David Dedrick from the Sneaky Dragon and Compleatly Beatles podcasts. Now where did we leave off? Ah yes…the death of George Harrison, and and how he made his final wish come true.

In this show you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between how George Harrison’s and John Lennon’s remains were handled
  • Denial of death, and the effect of not planning
  • The one song I don’t want played at my funeral, and the one song I do
  • Why John said “The Walrus is Paul” in the Glass Onion
  • If the walrus is a symbol of death, or a symbol of power
  • Details of the “Paul is Dead” myth
  • One last thing about Paul: He cried
  • He regretted saying, “It’s a drag” about John’s death
  • How a frozen turd helped me overcome my fear of death
  • A little known fact about “Eight Miles High” by The Byrds
  • How the Beatle’s 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan show affected us
  • Book of Illustrated Lyrics showing the image of the Beatle’s as they might look like as old men (this post’s featured image)
  • Is Will Ferrell funny? Er…
  • How the generations have defined themselves through music and comedy
  • Smokey Robinson, the Who, the Sharrells influence on the Beatles
  • Our mutual admiration for Sufjan Stevens and how great music doesn’t age
  • How the Beatle’s changed the musical landscape and expectations for musicians forever
  • Why George Harrison dissed Oasis. Did he also dis U2?
  • Songwriters Rod Dante, Andy Kim, and Boyce and Hart
  • D.J. Williams Projekt covering a U2 song
  • What Jimi Hendrix was listening to just before he died
  • Factoids about the classic “All Along the Watchtower”
  • A John Lennon supergroup performance on The Rolling Stone’s Rock and Roll Circus
  • How to see Yoko Ono in a burlap sack (it’s not what you think)
  • Can Yoko music be revived? Did Elvis Costello try?
  • The future of music, and Kevin Spacey from the House of Cards
  • Why we like vinyl, and why I think the designer of CD packaging will spend time in hell
  • The music industry: An example of complacency
  • No Barry Manilow at the funeral!
  • New music and a book David likes:
  • Living with daughters
  • The epic death film Soylent Green
  • Voltaire the non-conformist
  • My recent post “Mother and the Mosh Pit” on what rock & roll can teach us about male death rituals


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