“Cannabis for Seniors,” with artist, stoner, and hemp advocate Daniel Roberto Ortega

Hemp advocate Daniel Roberto Ortega and I discuss what should people in the second half of life should know about this plant and its medical and euphoric effects, the variety of ways to use it, how it is helping veterans and others with pain and trauma, as well as some things to be careful of. The interview is chock full of useful information for anyone who has never tried cannabis or for those who tried years ago but might want to try again.

“Witch Way to Go,” with Kat the Wiccan Mortician, Part 2 of 2

In Part Two of my interview with Kat the Wiccan Mortician, we discuss slow medicine, which is the latest trend in taking back control from the medical machine, her vision for a natural burial ground in Alaska, death doulas, human compositing, and a whole bunch of other interesting things you can only talk about with a lovely and intelligent person. You won’t be bored!

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