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In my last show, I talked with Andrew Belser, who is presently a professor of Movement, Voice, and Acting at Penn State University. Andrew is also the creator of an award winning video program called FaceAge that shows young and older adults interacting knee-to-knee, nose-to-nose almost, while studying and describing one another’s faces. It is a deeply moving work that challenges perceptions about what it means to be “old,” fosters introspection, and builds acceptance, awareness, and cross-generational connections. I had the chance to experience FaceAge in DC earlier this year, and it quite frankly moved me to tears.

In part one of my talk with Andrew, we heard him tell us what FaceAge is and about its power to affect perceptions. In the part two of our interview, which you are about to hear, Andrew tells us more about the neuroscience behind FaceAge, and a little bit about his personal story, and how an encounter with his older Uncle on a rooftop changed his life. So please join me in Part Two of my interview with Andrew Belser of FaceAge.

I encourage all of you to experience FaceAge in person if you can, and if you are interested in having FaceAge to your city, check out the show notes for a way to contact Greg Wolf, the former CEO of Humana, who coordinates FaceAge exhibitions. Greg is a great guy and he can tell you all about how FaceAge is more than just a video program, but also includes training for organizations that want to do more to promote intergenerational connections. A good thing, me thinks.

What you will learn from Andrew Belser of FaceAge:

  • How memories are preserved in the body
  • The gift of his father’s death
  • How digitally aging his own face affected him
  • How we both feel about getting old
  • Cat Steven’s song Father and Son
  • Has aging taken the edge off him as an artist?
  • How do Mick Jagger and Roger Daltry of The Who keep going?
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center at National Meeting of LeadingAge
  • FaceAge as a platform for training
  • What Andrew has learned from millennials
  • How technology shapes the nervous system
  • How his sons would respond if they had to leave their phones at home
  • How Facebook was depressing me
  • 95% of marriage problems could be solved with knee-to-knee conversations
  • How close, personal, intimate relationships are essential to human thriving
  • How technology is contributing to the national rancor
  • The Anatomy of Loneliness

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Bring FaceAge to Your City!

To learn more about how to bring FaceAge to your city, and the associated opportunities for intergenerational training, please contact Greg Wolf at gregorywolfwmg [at] gmail [dot] com

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