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“It was fun, fun, fun till your daddy took the T-Bird away.” Well that’s how a lot of elders feel when a doctor or child who is concerned for the elder’s safety (not to mention others on the road) urges the aged parent to stop driving. No more fun for you?

Not so fast! The shared car service Uber, plus a host of third parties, are working hard to make their fleet of cars accessible to older folks who might not have a smartphone. That makes calling a car a bit tricky, because the app uses GPS to locate the passenger, but as my guest Jay Holly from Uber explains, they have a few tricks and tips of their own that make it easy as pie.

Be sure to notice in this interview how Uber has added Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, called UberWAV, to their network, and about “Uber Central,” which allows any bar, hairdresser, senior center, restaurant or other organization to summon an Uber car from a regular browser. It’s the perfect way to get mom home again!

Finally, check out my short “Senior Moments” video that provides step-by-step directions for how to call an Uber car for your senior loved one, even if they live in another state.

See you on the road!

What you will learn from Uber:

  • How I met Jay through Aging2.0, an organization supporting innovators taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.
  • His exclusive focus on seniors and healthcare
  • How 40% of boomers, the largest demographic in history, have smartphones, but only 4% use Uber
  • Uber Central, which enables any organization (bar, restaurant, hair salon, senior center, doctor’s office, etc) to summon an Uber car without a smartphone via a browser
  • The Alexa skill for calling an Uber car via your Amazon Echo device
  • UberWAV, the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
  • UberAssist, a new product where the driver helps the passenger from door-to-door, including folding up walkers, loading luggage etc.
  • Portlandia’s hilarious spoof of drivers rating passengers
  • PicklePong Deb
  • My five minute video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to summon an Uber car for your elder loved one, even if they live in another state

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