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I’ve been away! Indeed, if you’ve been checking the Dance Facebook page or my Instagram feed then you’ve seen lots of pictures and short video stories from my most recent trip to Europe and Morocco. I’ve already posted one longer video of an e-bike tour I took of Porto, Portugal…a fascinating place, and they’ll be lots more videos to come. You’ll find those on on my new GoMobile Tours video channel on Youtube. If you haven’t yet become a GoMobile subscriber, please put this podcast on pause and click on this convenient link. Then click on subscribe and you’ll be notified when my next videos comes out, which will be of Lisbon, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the UK. Would you by chance like to hear yours truly crooning an Elvis song with a talented young Frenchman I met in Marrakesh? You’ll find it on my Go!Mobile Tours video channel.
Just before leaving for my trip, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing a talented photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark, Klaus Bo Christenson. Klaus travels the world chronicling death rituals, and over the years has amassed the world’s largest collection of photographs, which you can see at his Dead and Alive website.
Does Klaus have some stories to tell?
You bet he does! In fact, I was so absorbed by tales of Haitian voodoo rituals, chicken caskets from Ghana, and Indonesian funeral feasts that I had to break this interview into two parts.
So please join me as I temporarily return to the show’s death roots and spend time with Danish death ritual photographer Klaus Bo.


Some of Klaus’ Photos

What Klaus Bo and I talk about:

  • Death is taboo in Denmark
  • What happens when you have a lot to lose
  • Hindu’s: Why do we have to live, not why do we have to die?
  • Indonesia: Dying is a long process…years even
  • How Klaus’s attitudes have changed from his exposure to death
  • How there is no atheist in a foxhole!
  • The significance of being spiritual but not religious
  • How a secret voodoo ritual in Haiti made him wonder
  • A little drink, a little dance, and a big sweat
  • He was given the spirit of a voodoo priestess. Then the nightmares began
  • Dessounin ritual
  • How he approaches his work
  • Death rituals in Greenland, Haiti, Madagascar, Ghana, India, Indonesia
  • What do people share in common?
  • How is grief processed?
  • The Afterlife Awareness Conference
  • Cryers for hire
  • What Klaus he want for himself
  • Would you be buried in a chicken?
  • Rituals are for the living
  • No embalming!
  • Looking at a dead person can be very calming
  • Kids and dead bodies
  • How has he been influenced by death?

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