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In Part One of my last show, I introduced you to Dr. Beverly Nelson and her husband Michael Lee Bartlett, who are the producers and hosts of an eight-week, experiential interactive online program called “Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey.” As you may be able to tell from its title, the program uses the work of author and professor Joseph Campbell as a framework for helping people who are contemplating a move abroad, that is, people like me and my wife Leslie.
If you have yet to hear Part One, I recommend you listen to at least the first few minutes, where I talk a bit about Joe Campbell, and provide some context for what you are about to hear. Better yet…listen to all of Part One, because when you first meet Beverly and Michael, I think you’ll fall in love with them, as I have.
Beverly has a PhD in Psychology and a BA in Business. She has created and directed internationally recognized Healing Centers all around the world, including what has become the largest and most comprehensive holistic center in Mexico — the LifePath Center.

Some graduates of A Hero’s Journey Live Retreat

Michael is a fellow former IBMer and entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded successful ventures in high tech, education, real estate, video and film production. During the 1970’s Michael practiced as a psychotherapist and founded Ashewood Primal Center, a vibrant therapeutic community in New York City and Woodstock New York.
Together Beverly and Michael help people find and follow their life’s passions, and that is why I am so pleased to be collaborating with them. I do make a commission on the sale of their “Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey” course, even though you won’t pay a penny extra for it. In fact — you’ll pay less — because at the end of this show, we make an offer, exclusive to Dance listeners, that you will want to know about.
I am also collaborating with them on a break-out class for discovering one’s life passions, and I can tell you first hand that the quality, beauty and efficacy of their coursework is second to none. I am proud to be associated with it.

What You Will Learn About How to Live Abroad

In Part One, the three of us talked about how Michael and Beverly met, and the circumstances that led them to collaborate in picturesque San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Tragically, those circumstances included the untimely deaths of dear loved ones, but out of the ashes of their sadness a beautiful Phoenix has arisen, one wearing the radiant plumes of their own love affair and subsequent marriage, and now, the birth of “Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey.”
In this Part Two, we delve deeper into the program, and how it helps couples and individuals make a life transforming decision with greater clarity, confidence and much less stress.  It’s all part of my “Move to Higher Ground” theme, which is for people like me who are seeking innovative, out of the box ways to live out our sunset years in a powerful, joyful way.
So please join me in Part Two of my two part interview with Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Lee Bartlett, and let’s learn how to make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

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Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey is an eight-week experiential interactive online program for personal growth and transformation. The program helps you as an individual or couple contemplating moving abroad, to make this life transforming decision with greater clarity, confidence and much less stress. It helps you to define yourself, your values and what matters most in your life so that, no matter what you decide about moving abroad, you will move forward in your life in a powerful and joyful way.

If you do decide to move abroad, this is the roadmap for the journey to help you get there successfully and make the journey into a Hero’s Journey that is experienced with greater confidence, more fun and a lot less stress.

If you decide to stay where you are, this will give you the insights and new capabilities to move forward into a richer and more fulfilling life.

If you have already made the move, this is the handbook for creating this time in your life as the best time ever!

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