Introduction to The Lost Possum

Being male means more to me than just having a set of balls and a penis; it means being endowed with a powerful male essence and energy that naturally motivates men to take risks, penetrate through obstacles, and push toward our goals with purpose, drive, and mission. I like being male and I continually seek out ways to be a better one. This book is for anyone of any orientation who respects that vision.

Chapter Two: The Long Downhill

Chapter Two: The Long Downhill A photo of dad and family circa 1961, taken by Margaret Louise Huddleston (aka mom). I am second from the right, the boy with his fly open. Introduction: I’m worried about men. I believe many of the world’s woes, from gun violence to...

Chapter One: The Phone Call

I would not have given dad or any of his things a second thought except for my conversation with the psychotherapist, but she provoked an interest. “What if dad really wasn’t who I thought he was?” I wondered. “What if he cared for me in ways he couldn’t express? What if there really is a part of the man my mom and I don’t know?”

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