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In 1997, Irene Weinberg and her beloved husband Saul were driving home when their SUV went into a skid, flipped multiple times, and careened off the road. Irene, severely injured, turned to her husband, but knew instantly that he was dead. That day, as tragic as it was, began a new chapter in Saul and Irene’s centuries long love affair that transcends both time and place, and has helped make Irene the joyful, happy and thankful person you will hear on this interview. In part one we talk about how you have a chance to heal in the afterlife, how life is about living love, and about how they serve bagels in heaven. Join me for part one of my two part interview with Irene Weinberg, author of “They Serve Bagels in Heaven.”

What you will learn:

  • How to face your fear of dying
  • The Afterlife Conference
  • The differences between her experience and other life after death experiences
  • The role regret plays in heaven
  • The author Robert Schwartz (Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift)
  • Staci Wells pe-birth planning sessions
  • How your life review is part of the evolution of the soul
  • How you will have a chance to heal on the other side
  • How to time travel as a reincarnated being
  • How you can choose who you will see in heaven, and who you communicate with
  • Communicating with the dead (with help from a medium), and how to sniff out a shyster
  • What was under Irene’s blouse

Questions I prepared for Irene Weinberg:

I’d like to start by reading the basic truth that Saul wanted to share with this book. “Yes, you’ve made horrible mistakes, even those if you guilty of the most severe crimes against humanity. Yes, you have to stop being descriptive and get help. But yes, you are a unique, precious, gorgeous, amazing, dazzling human being, and you are loved, and you are worthy of love.”

You’re obviously a very skilled writer, and I want to say with a great imagination, but I hold back because I don’t know how much of your book is a product of your fruitful imagination, and how much of it is simply a well written and colorful record of fact. Help me understand.

Central to all of your experiences with Saul in this life and all the prior ones is the idea that one can self-determine, that is choose who you want to be in the next life. Do you really believe that is a truth of our universe? Could I, for example, in my next life, choose to incarnate as a foam rubber hand in a Miley Cyrus act?

The stories of your prior lives are captured with great detail, down to seeing the pulse someone’s neck or noting the type of metal used in a murder weapon. That is a lot of information to bring forward into the next life. Most of us are not even aware of prior lives much less the details about them. Why you? Are you exceptionally gifted in this regard, or are the rest of us just as capable but unskilled?

One of the things I like to explore on my show is the difference between how men and women respond to aging, dying, death, and the afterlife. Since publishing your book, what differences are you witnessing among your readers or speaking audience, male and female?

You lost Saul in 1997, and four years later you came out with the first edition of your book, which was entitled “Loves eternal marriage: Bridging heaven and earth.” Then last year you came out with this new addition with a new title. What changes did you make it to the new addition?

To what extent did you adopt a the ends justify the means philosophy while writing this book?

How much do you know about Dr. Jamie Turndorf, Author of “Love never dies: how to reconnect and make peace with the deceased? ”

You heard an audible voice just before the accident. Why do you think others don’t hear something similar? Is it because it doesn’t happen, or they are not listening? What are your thoughts?

Saul appears to be experiencing some anxiety and regret when he realizes he missed an opportunity on this earth. Was that your intention?

Why is it a lot of trouble to communicate with the living from the afterlife?

Implies Saul died when you thought he was asleep, and return to his body when you called out his name just prior to the accident. Is that true?

Is it plausible that a spinning, airborne, and rolling car could somehow have been managed by Saul in a way to make sure you lived through it and that no one else got hurt?

Sauls bodiless experience is different from other out of body experiences I’ve heard of, where the lame have legs again and the blind can see. Why do you think his experience was different?

Did the Emerald and blue light envelop Saul as well, or not?

Again this is different from other experiences I’ve heard of, where the person crossing over does not miss his earthly body and does not want to return to it. Why do you think Sauls experience was different?

Two they see it because it’s famous and they know about qlit before hand? What if they were from a primitive Stone Age tribe in Borneo? Would they still see the famous white light?

Saul’s mother “spent a lot of anxious moments in heaven.” I was expecting heaven to be a place of perfect peace and no tears. Were you surprised to see so much anxiety in heaven, and what do you make of it?

What do you think would happen to a soul in heaven who loses himself in a tailspin disbelief?

Feeling naked, raw, and abandoned in heaven?

Saul describes heaven as a physical place with bagel shops, deserts, and waiters serving food, and yet Belle had to struggle to take a bodily form. How do you reconcile the apparent disparity between the physical heaven and a nonphysical one?

Communicating that you are wearing a Skiera charm under your blouse requires fairly sophisticated communication. Holding up three fingers to communicate the number of children you have is so crude. Why do you think Saul switched between the two techniques?

Help me to understand the desperate longing soul feels to be on back on earth with the apparent beauty and charm of heaven.

What is the “requisite customized version of re-inderstanding?”

Saul said that “all the loving consciousness in heaven doesn’t come close to matching the beauty of loving another human being. “What is meant by that?

How does prayer work in heaven?

Saul says that Maria and Luigi made the “tremendously why is decision before incarnating quote to not have children. How much heavenly self determination continues on into life on earth?

What is the sacrificial death?

You say “heaven was beginning to see how free will on earth was being used to block the intention of the soul” which is always to do good, and they needed your help. Do you think God made a mistake giving man free will? If yes, would it be good and proper for God to take man’s free will away?

You and Saul were both married before you married each other. Tell me about that. What was the discussion in heaven when you were choosing your current incarnations that prompted you to marry others?

How much older was Saul than you?

How would you describe your life with your family of origin? What was your relationship with your parents like?

How would you describe your relationship with Saul in the weeks and months prior to your divorce? Was there an attraction then?

It appears Saul had an attraction to you from the first day he met you, even when he was married. And to what extent did this attraction play a role in his unhappy marriage?

Your father cut you out of his life and urged others in the family to cut you out as well. Why? What happened? Simply making a move from Miami to New Jersey with your new husband seems like an in adequate reason for excommunication from an extended Jewish family. Help me understand what happened?

What was the sin you didn’t commit?

Christian doctrine presents Jesus as an intermediary and intercessor between God and man, to bridge the divide so to speak. This appears to be a similar role to the one the creator asked of Saul. And you have a role as an incubator of new ideas for healing that heaven “never could have created without [you].” These are supremely unique roles, almost messianic, and to lay claim to them would be considered sacrilegious by some. How have you defended your divine roles with your critics?

What did Saul mean when he said “What heaven want souls on earth to do is to pray, and in those prayers to complain more and more often?”

Saul’s statement that “the only way heaven can send help these days is in the form of practical human help through others,” could be at odds with the markers, signposts, and wake up calls heaven builds to help us find our soul purpose. How do you reconcile those two notions?

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