Introduction to Imagine 2084 Music Video

My purpose with this post is to educate you on the art of the possible, the art that is a lie that tells a lie. Don’t hate it, or fight it, for it will come just like any technology eventually comes, pushing aside the past to make room for the future. AI will decide who gets insurance, and who does not. AI will decide what you pay for a mortgage, and what you see on the news. AI will know if your child is gay or not, even before they do. AI will predict when you will die, with stunning accuracy.

O Cool Electric Blue

O cool electric blue, your star is on the rise. With trouble you came through with promises and lies. Shards of metal. Bits of bone, strewn with splintered wood. We made this bargain for our souls, and we declared it good.

Trump and the Pump: What I Learned About Fear

While I was in South America, people asked me about Donald Trump. “We don’t understand,” they would say frantically. “Why are the American people interested in this madman? How can you explain it to us in a way that makes sense?”

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