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Today I’m continuing my series on how some particularly adventurous boomers choose to live out their sunset years outside the United States. There are lots to things to consider before making that choice, and here to help us steer through it is author and former actress Tricia Pimental, who with her husband Keith landed in Fundao, Portugal where they are enjoying the good life at one third the cost of living in the US.

Now I want to give some context for this interview. Tricia is presently the Portugal Correspondent for International Living magazine, and the Dan she mentions in our interview is Dan Prescher who is also with International Living. I interviewed Dan in show #47 where he talks about ex-pat life south of the border. But today we are heading over the big pond to Europe.

Now if you’ve listened to my other shows, you know I am especially interested in how ex-pat living affects marriage and other close family relationships. Tricia and Keith have been married 26 years, have grown children and a passel of grandchildren, so we jump right into it. Tricia and I had so much fun, we talked for a good bit, so I broke this show into two parts. Be sure to stay to the end, because I have some goodies to give away, and I want to be sure you get them, plus we have a little secret to tell about Tricia.

So please join me for my interview with an American living in Portugal, Tricia Pimental.

What you will learn about Tricia’s journey to Portugal:

You can find Tricia on Facebook or her blog.

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Brant’s 2011 Trip to Portugal

Below are some pictures I took during my 2011 trip to Portugal, where I stayed mostly in Salema (our beach hangout), a village located near Vila do Bispo in the Algarve. From there I visited Lagos (see the green rocks) and Cape Sagres, then to Lisbon. Sagres was referred to as “the end of the world” by 16th century sailors because their ship and navigation technology was incapable of taking them beyond.

Just over the horizon “there be dragons.” Is that true for any of you?

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